General Description of the Institution

Başkent University, a non-profit foundation university was founded in 1993 by the Founding President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Haberal in collaboration with “The Turkish Organ Transplantation and Burns Treatment Foundation” and “The Haberal Education Foundation” in response to Turkey’s need for high quality higher education institutions. Today, Başkent University has become one of Turkey’s leading higher education institutions, with its 11 Faculties, a State Conservatory, 7 Institutes, 6 Vocational Schools, 13 Research Centers, 1500 academic staff members, and around 10,000 students.
Başkent University, contributing to Turkey’s educational and cultural advancement since its foundation, has been carrying on its services with main focus on teaching and research that meet international standards and requirements of competition. Nationally and internationally, Başkent University is in the forefront in terms of research and quality teaching, carried on by its highly-qualified academic staff, and also in the dissemination of research results. Since its foundation, Başkent University has been one of the leading universities in Turkey as regards the number of international scientific publications per instructor. Research, scientific production, and contribution to society, has always been one of our priorities. Moreover, the reasons why our students prefer Başkent University can be listed as follows:
  • Opportunity to develop themselves through cooperation with national and international universities and institutions. (Erasmus and Farabi Exchange Programs)
  • Specialization in health issues and efficient service,
  • Leadership in quality and systematical improvement structure,
  • Medium of study is Turkish but learning a foreign language (English) is a prerequisite,
  • Opportunity to learn more than one foreign language,
  • The learning environment supported by a strategic plan, especially in education, health and communication,
  • Free transport to and from the campus,
  • All the activities and services are carried out by the Başkent University units-except for banking and transport,
  • Every student has to take a required art course,
  • Opportunity for practical learning,
  • Internationally qualified publication capacity,
  • Full-time academic staff capacity,
  • Having a State Conservatory and an orchestra,
  • Supporting some programs with full scholarship,
  • A campus where all the needs can be met; keeps Başkent University's priviliged position stable.