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General Information

Master's degree program on psychology contains dimensions of both research and practice. Courses taken throughout the program diversifies in terms of which direction the specialty will evolve. Yet, no matter which direction the specialty evolves, there are some basic courses that must be taken. These courses are generally on how mind works, how the behaviors are learned; as well as courses on statistics and research methods. Other courses are elective courses based on the specific scopes of psychology such as physiological psychology, cognitive processes, developmental psychology, social psychology, social perception, attitudes, gender roles, stress management, psychology of personality, psychopathology, psychotherapies, cognitive behavioral therapies, group dynamics and group therapies, methodology, statistics, as well as neuroscience, physiology, and public health. As for a part of the program, internship is experienced in any clinics of hospitals, senior centers, and related institutions. Throughout the master's degree program, postgraduate students have a chance to go towards different subfields of psychology (social psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, I/O psychology etc.) that are parallel with their own knowledge and skills by means of elective courses apart from the must ones. Postgraduate psychology students are required to write up a thesis based on an original research.

Tracks that students can determine based on their interests:
1. Clinical Psychology Track
2. Experimental Social Psychology Track
3. Developmental Psychology Track
4. Cognitive Psychology Track
5. Health Psychology Track

Master of Arts in Psychology (with thesis) was established in 2015-2016 academic year. Program comprises four semesters. Academic staff consists of 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 assistant professors, 3 instructors, and 2 research assistants.

P.S.: Student admission criteria of the different tracks may vary.