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General Information

The main objective of the PhD program in Political Science program is to train scholars and policy experts capable of producing contribution-grade knowledge by carrying out original academic research in political science. The program is designed to develop PhD candidates' theoretical knowledge and analytical thinking, qualitative and quantitative research, and academic writing and presentation skills.

The PhD program in Political Science is undertaken by the academic staff of the Department of Political Science and International Relation, the sole department within the Institute. The academic staff of the program consists of established and promising scholars distinguished by their active research agenda and openness to academic interaction and will be able to help the PhD candidates not only in improving their academic knowledge and skills, but also in broadening their academic vision. The research interests of the academic staff are reflected in the curriculum of the program. Political economy, global politics, political sociology, Turkish politics, Middle Eastern politics, Islamism, nationalism, migration are among the topics the PhD candidates can take courses about, make research and write PhD dissertation.

To complete the PhD program, the students first have to succeed in compulsory and elective courses of 240 ECTS credits. After completing the courses, the students' knowledge in the main topics of political science and their prospective research will be assessed and evaluated in a "comprehensive/qualifying exam," consisting of written and oral stages. Successful students qualify for starting their research for dissertation and submit their thesis proposal within a certain period to continue their studies as "PhD candidates." Students' performance in the comprehensive/qualifying exam is expected to undisputable. In fact, the basis of the PhD dissertation, which is expected to be an original contribution to the knowledge in the field, is determined by the command of the existing knowledge in the field. It is for this reason critical that the students/candidates do extra-curricular readings and participate in academic activities. Participation in national and international conferences as well as academic publications and research projects are among the academic activities that the Institute encourages and supports in this framework.

The PhD program includes 5 compulsory and 10 elective courses (15 courses in total), Political Science Seminar, qualification examination, thesis proposal, dissertation and dissertation defense. The candidates are required to take qualification examination after completion of the courses and the successful candidates are required to defend their thesis proposals.