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General Information

Pre-School Education The Department of Education covers the education of children between the ages of 0-5 who have not come to the age of compulsory education.

The Department of Preschool Education is educating teachers who love and recognize the children, defend their rights and strive to reach the highest level in all developmental areas. Students who complete this program will graduate as creative, active and productive individuals equipped with the knowledge of all theories, concepts and phenomena of the field, capable of assuming the child's responsibility for care and education.

Graduates can work as teachers in official and private pre-school institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education as well as in school education centers of public and private institutions. They can also be employed as preschool teachers in the pre-school centers of hospitals and municipalities. Students who graduate from this program can work as pre-school educators in pre-school teachers, as well as in written and visual publications, and can work with institutions related to pre-school education materials and software. At the same time, they may continue their academic careers at the relevant faculties.