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General Information

There are 9 full time instructors including 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 3 assistant professors and 3 research assistant at the department. Main areas of interest of the department are education of Turkish as a mother and foreign language, literature education and educational studies.Main interest areas of the department are education of Turkish as a mother tongue and foreign language, literature education and educational studies.

The aim of the department is to educate students as efficient teachers who are qualified with the scientific point of view, the intellectual inquisitiveness, and the efficiency of Turkish.

Additionally, our department also aims to use Turkish effectively, to express oneself in written and oral language, to enable self-realization adopting contemporary education approaches, to reveal and develop concealed power, to enable individuals to live in peace with the society, to equip the individuals with national and universal values.

The graduates of Turkish Language Teaching Department, can teach Turkish as "Turkish Language Teacher" to secondary school students (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students), foreigners and people of Turkish ancestry; can find solutions to social problems as teachers who can communicate effectively, have social responsibilities, adopt national values and consciousness of citizenship, respect universal values; produce novel, story, poem scenario, article and essay thanks to their efficiency in arts and culture.

Apart from these, they can work at media institutions, education and culture institutions in our country and abroad, in achieves and museums, Turcology institutions, state and private institutions on Turk Republics, and as researchers in the related programs at universities.