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General Information

Information Systems is a generic name given to a structured process that takes into account the social and administrative dimensions of the processes it processes to perform functions such as data collection, processing, analysis, storage and retrieval using computer and communication technologies. Today, health, finance, automation, entertainment, defense, law and many other areas of business life as a system that facilitates or even leads to antagonism. The need for Information Systems specialists is increasing day by day in all sectors for the design, development, maintenance and effective use of these systems in all technical and administrative dimensions. It was deemed necessary to open a graduate program in order to provide the professionals with different undergraduate diplomas with the necessary technical skills for the design and management of the Information Systems and the new sub-specialties according to their different fields of use. The program is planned without a thesis because it aims to bring new expertise to the professionals already working in different sectors. It is anticipated that the students will be "over the internet" in order to be able to participate in the classes independently of their working hours and locations.