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General Information

The aim of this department is to provide a new generation of computer literate executives who can readily adapt to the changing world of the twenty-first century to the organizations.
Management Information Systems Department offers four-year bachelor's degree to students. Our Students learn to evaluate the information system of organizations effectively in our equipped with the latest technology laboratories.
In addition, our students can reach the level of knowledge and skills to identify, perceive and analyze business function, economic and legal environment, organizational theory and behavior within system framework.
In this context, Information Technologies and Applications for computer science, Internet Information Systems, Programming Languages, Information Systems, Databases, Computer Hardware, Communications and Technology, Information Systems Management and System Analysis, Web Design and Web Programming courses and also some courses to field of management and business such as Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory and Modern management Techniques Project Management courses are also available for our students.
In addition to theoretical courses, according to our faculty's mission, there are job training programs which are consisting of at least 30 business days during the summer semester and at least 400 hours of business days during the fall semester.