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General Information

Vocational School of Social Sciences offers 10 two-year associate degree programs including Office Management and Executive Assistanship, Accounting and Taxation, Tourism and Hotel Management, Tourism and Travel Services, Radio and Television Programming, Photography and Camera Operations, Cookery, Justice, Justice Evening ve Child Development Programs. The aim of the School is to train deliberative, productive, innovative, well-qualified, sensitive and conscious professionals who can meet the needs of the business sector.

Common features of the curriculum are 30 days of summer internship program linked with on-the-job training, second language education commensurate with the requirements of students' chosen professions and programs equipping students for their areas of specialization. All students are given scholarships and various discounts such as %25, %50, %75 by the university. The language of education is Turkish. The English Preparatory School is not mandatory, but English Language Department offers academic and occupational English as a part of the curriculum. In addition, graduates of the school may apply to bachelor programmes in related fields by entering the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) or may apply Distance Education System.


  • Vocational School of Social Sciences
  • Department of Accounting and Tax Application
  • Program of Accounting and Tax Application
  • Department of Audio, Visual Techniques and Media Production
  • Program of Photography and Cameraman Operation
  • Program of Radio and Television Programming
  • Department of Child Care and Youth Services
  • Program of Child Development
  • Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services
  • Program of Culinary Arts
  • Program of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Department of Law
  • Program of Justice
  • Program of Justice Pr. (Evening Education)
  • Department of Office Services and Secretariat
  • Program of Bureau Management and Executive Assistance
  • Department of Travel, Tourism and Entertainment Services
  • Program of Tourism and Travel Services