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General Information

Department of Accounting and Financial Management aims at training experts who has professional qualifications, knows foreign languages and has experience from practice to serve in public establishments and private sector enterprises.

The Department of Accounting and Financial Management offers a four-year program. Although the main language of the programme is Turkish, in order to help graduates maintain their international business relationships and to provide the understanding and following of the English Courses and the sources of the English Courses; occupational foreign language courses are provided during the programme. On the other hand, in order to help students orient themselves and get ready for business life, they are provided to have 30 working-days of apprenticeship in summer and a minimum 400 working-days of on the job training under supervision of the department. The curricula of the first two academic years have common courses such as mathematics, economics, computer and statistics. In the final two years the curriculum consists of specialized courses such as various accounting practices, financial statement analysis, auditing, tax law, financial mathematics, and computerized accounting programs.

Graduates of the departmant can work as an accounting/financial director, accounting specialist, financial reporting specialist, budget and financial planning specialist, internal auditor, independent auditor, portfolio manager, manager responsible for cost accounting, member of board of finance inspectors, financial analyst, income controller, tax auditor; at Ministry of Finance, The Undersecretariat of Treasury, The Court of Accounts, SPK (Capital Market Boards of Turkey), BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency), commercial banks and at the accounting-finance departmens of the other public and private sector. In addition to these graduates can work independently as a certified public accountant or sworn-in certified public accountant when the necessary exams are achieved.