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General Information

Department of Biomedical Engineering leading to an undergraduate degree started in 2000-2001 academic year. 3 Professors, 2 Associate Professor, 5 Assistant Professors, 2 Instructors and 7 Research Assistants are currently working at the Department.

60 students are accepted to the program each year. Full -tuition scholarship offered to 6 students, half -tuition scholarship offered to 23 students, quarter -tuition scholarship offered to 23 students and 8 students are accepted without any scholarship (http://aday.baskent.edu.tr/).

All students must successfully complete English Language Requirements of English Preparatory School moreover 30% of courses in the program are tought in English according to the Baskent University English requirement in order to ensure that they graduate at a level of professional English in their respective field of study.

Senior students at 7th or 8th term has the opportunity to work within the framework of university-industry collaboration for their graduation projects. Some of the graduation projects can be funded from TUBİTAK. Graduation projects exhibition held each year and projects are presented to the sectoral representatives.

Students also has the opportunity to benefit from European Union student exchange program ERASMUS and gain experience.