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General Information

Industrial Engineering is a science that allows to use scientific methods for manufacturing and service sector managers at all levels who work in the decision making process. Although the engineers services in specific areas of the sciences, Industrial Engineers are needed in almost every sphere of industry and the service sector. Industrial Engineering is an engineering discipline including the whole system. Industrial Engineering makes it different from other engineers for approaching systems, the most important qualities to be people-oriented and holistic perspective on events. Industrial Engineers benefit the social sciences, computer sciences, basic sciences and management sciences in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities.
IE graduate programs cover PhD program, Master's Degree Program with thesis and Engineering and Technology Management. The aim of Başkent University Industrial Engineering Masters and Doctoral Programmes, against the complex problems in manufacturing and service sectors that arise in enterprises, is to improve existing systems, design new systems, and have forefront of the identity of graduates, researchers and academics.
Graduate course are scheduled for covering production engineering, management science, operations research and systems engineering disciplines. These programs are provided courses depending on the needs of students in today's specialization in different fields. The programs are focused on the modeling and management of engineering applications for complex systems design in industrial and service sector.
Engineers and Ph.D. candidates who choose Industrial Engineering programmes at Başkent University are educated from reputable academicians. Graduates, while continuing to work in the academic field of national and international areas on the other hand they take important positions in professional career in various companies.