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General Information

Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies continues to work as a unit with approximately 90 students.
In recent years, the nature of qualified manpower in field of education is changed as the result of developments in technology and educational approaches. The use of computer and information technologies for efficient teaching and learning required individuals who are both capable of using this tools and who are capable of analyzing various methods and theories for the efficient application of this tools into various educational settings.
In Computer Education and Instructional Technology department a student centered approach is used with the application of constructivist methods and techniques. Students are encouraged to research, analyze, inquire and they are supported and guided to gain necessary cognitive knowledge and skills. Project based studies are placed in almost all courses. For the evaluation of students various methods are used such as projects, reports, homework, midterms and finals, presentations, self and peer evaluations.
Graduates from this department can be employed as computer teachers in formal and state colleges and high schools. They can also work as instructional technologist in related state or private institutions.