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General Information

In response to the need for higher education of superior quality in Turkey, Turkish Organ Transplant and Burns Treatment Foundation, which had been providing contemporary health service since 1980, decided to turn into a university in 1993, with all the properties, facilities and experience it had. BAŞKENT UNIVERSITY (BU), being the first foundation university in the field of health sciences in Turkey, was officially founded on January 13, 1994 with the cooperation of the Turkish Organ Transplant and Burns Treatment Foundation and the Haberal Education Foundation, by the founder of the university, Professor Mehmet Haberal, M.D. The postgraduate program (resident training program) in Başkent University Faculty of Medicine (BUFM) started the same year, the undergraduate program (M.D. program) started in 1998-1999.
The main objective of BUFM is to graduate erudite medical doctors having the scientific notion, learned the ways to access to scientific knowledge and how to use it, to conduct medical research independently, to perform their profession with not only evidence-based but also ethical approach, sensitive to the local, national and universal health issues.
BUFM aims to achieve the three main missions of a medical faculty, i.e. medical education, health service and scientific research concomitantly and in accordance. Therefore, BUFM has only hired outstanding and full-time working faculty members since it was established. This policy has enabled our faculty to provide high quality health service to people via BU Hospitals, and Practice and Research Centers established all around the country. BUFM has always aimed to keep the ratio of faculty members/medical students around 1, in order to achieve the superior quality medical education. In addition, BUFM has always been one of the top ranking institutions in Turkey due to the scientific production of its faculty members.
The curriculum in BUFM consists of a six years long education program. A structured, vertically and horizontally integrated medical education is the major concern of our curriculum which was accredited by an independent National Accreditation Committee on Medical Education (UTEAK) on April 11, 2011. BUFM is still the youngest medical school and the first and only foundation university medical faculty accredited in Turkey. The language of education in BUFM is Turkish. However, the students are supposed to take intensive academic and medical English courses which are mandatory due to our curriculum. Most of the preclinical medical education is held at the Bağlıca Campus, located 20 km. west of the downtown, on the main highway to Eskişehir. The clinical medical education is conducted at BU hospitals, Ankara Hospital being the flagship. BUFM is academically assigned into three major sections; Basic Medical Sciences, Surgical Sciences, and Medical Sciences. Each section is composed of related departments and divisions. Medical education is coordinated by undergraduate and postgraduate educational units. Throughout the undergraduate program each Phase (year) is coordinated by a Phase Coordinator and his/her assistant(s). The Phase Coordinators, student representatives, and other related members of medical education constitute the Coordinators Board which is the major organ to structure the medical education at our faculty.
The Dean is Professor İ. Haldun Müderrisoğlu M.D., and Vice Deans are Professor Derya Akaydın Aldemir M.D., and Professor Zafer Akçalı M.D.