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General Information

Sport Sciences Department mainly provides undergraduate education about recreational sport management, recreational tourism, sport animation, sport sciences focusing on health, fitness leadership and instructor, and secondly provides education on coaching.
Sport Sciences Department is located in Faculty of Health Sciences at Bağlıca Campus of Başkent University. In our department, undergraduate education program is conducted by 1 professor, 2 assistant professors, 3 lecturers and 2 research assistants.
Sport Sciences Department also provides the scientific foundation of physical activity, exercise and sport. In addition, Sport Sciences Department undergraduate program involves courses related with health sciences comprised of biological and medical issues of sport, behavioral sciences comprised of psycho-social aspects of sport, sport branches comprised of practical aspects of sport, educational sciences comprised of pedagogical aspect of sport and management sciences comprised of organizational and management aspects of sport. Beside these courses, courses related with recreational tourism, recreational sport management and coaching are also provided to students.
Graduates of Sport Sciences can work as a recreation leader or organizer in touristic administrations (hotels, holiday villages etc), fitness leader or specialist in Sport and Health Clubs, leader in camps of Youth and Sport Association, sport specialist in private and local institutions and universities, leader in youth camps and trainer in sport clubs.