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General Information

Faculty of Health Sciences was established as the first and the unique faculty in Turkey that gathers Nutrition and Dietetics, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Audiology, Social Work, Health Management, Exercise and Sport Sciences Departments under one framework, with decision published in the Official Gazette on 20.05.1999

The educational and academic activities in the Faculty of Health Sciences are based on integrated and seamless approaches that are gathered towards human and health subject areas. The aim of the Faculty is to have graduates who are well equipped with understanding multidimensional aspects of health and health-quality of life relationship, who are able to follow and manage changes in 21st century healthcare area scientifically, technologically, socially and economically and who have knowledge and skills at the international level. In this respect, education and research priorities of the departments under the faculty have been defined accordingly; qualified faculty staff and modern educational infrastructure were established in accordance with the aims of the Health Sciences Faculty.

As of 2020, a total of 79 full-time faculty members, consisting of 16 Professors, 11 Associate Professors, 21 Assistant Professors, 17 Lecturers, 14 Research Assistants, 1 Audiologist and 1 Technician are working at the faculty.

The educational curriculums of the departments were prepared according to the criteria of the international accreditation institutions. In each department curriculum has the basic sciences and professional-specific courses. Theoretical courses were supported by hands on practice in the experimental and skill laboratories. Clinical practice, field studies and graduation projects offer opportunities to students to prepare them into the professional life. All of these processes are performed under the supervision of the faculty staff and primarily at the various centers of Başkent University.


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  • Department of Healthcare Management
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