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General Information

The only undergraduate program at the Department of Educational Sciences is the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program, which aims to train counselors who are equipped with professional knowledge and skills regarding psychological counseling, devoted to their profession and occupational ethics, and sensitive to problems. We also aim at educating our students to enable them to possess all the necessary skills and knowledge to help other individuals. In this program, field knowledge, pedagogical formation and general culture courses are taught together. The course titled Computer Literacy (BTU) and another course from the field of Fine Arts have to be taken as compulsory courses, (preferably during prep. year but any time until graduation). However, specialist courses in the field become more important in the last two years. Even though graduates of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program can work in different areas, they mainly work as guidance counselors at the Ministry of National Education. The graduates working in the education system, support cognitive, affective, physical and social developments of the primary and secondary school students; help students regarding their problems about life and guide them to make the right decisions in their choice of profession.