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General Information

Over the past several decades, electrical engineering, together with materials science and physics, has ushered in a host of technical breakthroughs. The electrical department encompasses a broad range of research and educational interests. It is the policy of the department to involve each faculty member in a balanced combination of research and teaching so as to fully benefit the students. The mission of the department is to provide excellence in graduate education, so that our graduates become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and lifelong learners.

The Master of Science with Thesis program which aim to educate engineers, who design, implement and improve systems in various specialization fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering such as telecommunications, signal and image processing, control systems, microcomputers and digital systems, power electronics, microelectronics and VLSI design. Labs for research in the department include the communication systems, power electronics, control systems, digital and basic electronics labs. The target in the graduate program with thesis is; to teach the student, how to make research, analyze and synthesize information and realize technological systems.