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General Information

The MA program in European Union aims at providing the students from diverse backgrounds with academic foundation in the European integration and Turkey's relations with the EU. To this end, the program is designed to pursue two ends. The first one is to explore the achievements, dilemmas, bottlenecks and shortcomings of the EU integration, which is often considered to be the most successful international integration project ever. Second, the program is designed to study the historical development and the current state of the EU-Turkey relations from an analytical perspective to understand the seminal structures, events, dynamics and actors that have contributed to its progress, or lack thereof. Ultimately, the emphasis of the program is to equip the students with the knowledge and analytical skills to develop a well-informed vision of both the EU itself and Turkey's relations with it.

The teaching staff of the program consists of scholars and experts who are distinguished by their research and expertise in the fields of international relations, European integration, Turkish politics, Turkey-EU relations and comparative politics. Occasionally, the staff may invite distinguished experts and civil society leaders as guest lecturers.

The MA in European Union without thesis is a three semester degree program. Students have to complete successfully ten courses, three of which are compulsory, and a non-credit term project to earn the degree.

The MA in European Union program prepares students for a broad range of career opportunities. Successful students may pursue careers in national and international NGOs, European institutions, international organizations, Turkish diplomatic services, EU offices of governmental and non-governmental agencies, national and international corporations and the like.