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General Information

Baskent Univertsity Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture is an educational institution which was founded to bring a new perspective to cultural and artistry movements and to provide the world of design with unique inventions.
Our faculty has its basis on our great leader Atatürk's well-known words: " Culture is the fundamental component of Turkish Republic." Our philosophy is to unify our cultural background with modern and universal art, to make research in pursuit of new findings in the field and to put forward novice designs that come out as a combination of technology and art.

Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture in Başkent University was founded in 2003-2004. It includes four departments and : Visual Arts and Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Fashion and Textile Design and Architecture Departments.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, the dissolution of the boundaries between diverse fields caused the integration of different creative representational forms, and unified approaches in cultural creativity and production necessitated an education that aimed at strengthening the intellectual thought processes in perception of art. Therefore the objective of this faculty is to establish a program that would let the students discover their own identities and creativity, and not only express these by their technical skills in diverse representational forms but also develop a conceptual framework for them.

Prof.Dr. Adnan TEPECİK