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Occupational Profiles of Graduates

The graduates have got chance to be emplayed in the public or private sectors' organizations or NGO's in the area of human services like child welfare settings (i.e: children's homes, foster homes agencies, clubs for children, day care centers, centers for street children); youth welfare settings (i.e: youth centers, departments of medica-social services in the universities, dormitories for unicersty students) ; family welafere services (i.e: family counselling centers); the field of justice (i.e: family courts, juvenile courts, probution services agencies, prisons); the field of helath (i.e: general hospitals, psychiatry clinics); the are of the welfare of the elderly (i.e:old people's home, nursing homes, home care services, clubs for old peoples); the disability services (i.e: care and rehabilitation centers, special education and rehabilitation centers); industrial setting (i.e: factories, labour unions); the are of the mitigations of poverty (i.e: public assistance agencies,, voluntary organizations); community development programs and organizations (i.e: community centers).