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Specific Admission Requirements

Applicants should have received a minimum of 55 out of 100 from ALES examination. Alternatively, GRE Quantitative grade 149 and GMAT Quantitative grade 450 can also be accepted. The condition to be admitted to the PhD program is the advanced knowledge of foreign language (english). A minimum of 55 points is required from KPDS / ÜDS / YDS (e-YDS) / YÖKDİL exams.

The students who documentated an adequate grade for his/her foreign language can directly attend the interview without being tested for the foreign language. The adequate grades for the foreign language is listed by the University. Besides, the Institute admits some "special students". The special students are not candidates to have a Ph. D. diploma but they are the students who want to follow some lectures of the program. The "special students" are not be required to get an ALES examination grade. The judgements for the "special students" are made by the Institution Board.