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Specific Admission Requirements

The following requirements are applied to applicants wishing to enroll in a master's program:
a) Applicants should hold a bachelor's diploma accepted by the Institute Board
b) Applicants must hold the minimum ALES score determined by the Institute Board not being less than 55 in the score type required for the program applied. Exam scores from international exams recognized by the Higher Education Board such as GRE or GMAT are also accepted on the condition that the scores received are not less than the minimum standard score determined by the Higher Education Board. The Senate, however, may raise the accepted minimum standard score if they wish to do so.
c) Applicants are required to take a language proficiency exam administered by the University on the date announced. The results of the exam are sent to relevant Institutes. The acceptable score on the exam is determined and announced by the Administrative Board of the Institute.
d) Applicants holding an acceptable score from another language exam such as TOEFL, KPDS, YDS, ÜDS are exempt from the language proficiency exam administered by the University.
e) Applicants applying for a graduate program in languages must take a proficiency exam in a language other than that of their field of study