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Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

A variety of assessment methods such as quizzes, mid-term(s), assignment(s), exercise(s), project(s), practice(s), and a final exam are implemented in the programme. Assessment methods may include classical test(s), multiple-choice test(s), homework(s), performance evaluation(s), and product evaluation(s). In order to graduate from the programme, cumulative GPA must be minimum 2.00. A course grade is constituted by evaluating the above stated elements and given by using letters. Letter grades and their associated coefficients are as follows; GRADE FACTOR A 4,0 A- 3,7 B+ 3,3 B 3,0 B- 2,7 C+ 2,3 C 2,0 C- 1,7 D+ 1,3 D 1 F1 0 F2 0 Y - Z - E - T -

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