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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology for all fields of molecular biology and genetics, and analyze problems with the scientific method and appropriate scientific tools.
  • Follow literature of the field.
  • Plan an experimental setup, write a project for the setup, conduct and coordinate the research independently to test a scientific hypothesis.
  • Know the research methods and techniques, and the statistical methodology to test the hypothesis in the field of molecular biology and genetics.
  • Have a positive attitude toward interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary solutions of problem areas for community welfare, and accordingly work in a team of different professions.
  • Discuss and comment on experimental results of a scientific research, and share these results with the people from different educational background.
  • Have the necessary oral and writing communication skills for the presentation and discussion of the scientific knowledge.
  • Use the professional communication and information technologies efficiently.
  • Use the library, scientific databases, internet, and other sources of information efficiently.
  • Use the knowledge and skills they have acquired for critical thinking, making comments and discussing of the issues of molecular biology and genetics.
  • Develop a positive attitude toward life-long education for molecular biology and genetics and its related fields, and follow up to date knowledge for personal development.
  • Be competent in English and Turkish to express the scientific knowledge they have acquired, and communicate with the collaborators.
  • Use theoretical and applied knowledge of molecular biology and genetics in accordance with ethical standards and quality management and its processes.