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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Care for universal and cultural values such as democracy, human rights, environmental awareness scientific, ethical and esthetical values.
  • Support students' understandings and developments considering the social and cultural differences as well as their abilities and interests.
  • Participate willingly to develop her/himself and her/his institution as being open to new information and ideas.
  • Recognition of the need for life long learning and an ability to apply acquired knowledge.
  • Apply the basic values and principles of the educational system and approaches, aims, goals and methods of the specific field of the teaching program.
  • Protect and develop the health of body and soul.
  • Encourage students' participation in planning, applicating, managing and evaluating the steps of the teaching and learning process.
  • Have adequate knowledge in the specilazied fileld and apply this knowledge to solve problems in these fields.
  • Ability to use information and communications technologies effectively.
  • Plan the teaching-learning process based on the students' developmental characteristics, individual differences and the specifications of the field-specific domains.
  • Develop appropriate learning materials to create an effective learning-teaching process.
  • To be able to evaluate the people, events and facts in the specialized field and educational history according to their contributions to educational applications.
  • Construct a cultural and scientific center in the school neighbourhood with the participation of the parents and the society by considering the natural, socio-cultural and economical qualifications of the school environment.
  • Follow students' developments by using various measurement and evaluation methods.
  • Develop appropriate learning models to design effective learning and teaching process.
  • Work efficiently in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams, and individually.
  • Use Turkish language accurately and effectively.
  • To be able to use English language for academic improvement.