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Key Learning Outcomes

  • To provide depth of knowledge in all engineering fields that concern defence Technologies and systems, To educate reseachers that will write a thesis about a topic that will remediate a project of his/her company in defence technologies field.
  • To gain ability to identify, define, formulate and solve engineering problems and to select and apply analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.
  • To gain in-depth research skills about an issue.
  • To provide analysis and design skills of system in advanced level.
  • To convert the theoretical knowledge into practice with software and hardware based studies.
  • To participate in interdisciplinary defense projects and to provide added value to common projects.
  • To gain the ability to work individually and in a team.
  • To make financial solutions and apply engineering economics.
  • To gain ability to make submissions and presentations. Use a foreign language in professional life effectively.
  • Awareness of the need for lifelong learning; to gain ability of accessing to knowledge, following developments in science and technology, and renewing themselves constantly.
  • To gain consciousness of professional and ethical responsibility.