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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge that is acquired in the field of Accounting and Financial Management and have ability to assess the system as a whole.
  • Gain the ability about collecting information, booking and reporting of financial information, analyzing and interpreting financial statements.
  • Follow recent developments and trends in accounting standards, finance, auditing, economics and management by using vocational English skills.
  • Have knowledge about the fundamentals of tax law and legislations, trade law, law of obligations, capital market legislation, profession legislation and financial market operations which is related to Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Work as a team member (tend to work in team) and take responsibilities when essential. Calculates and determinates costs of goods and services produced in a company, takes responsibility as a team member in internal and independent audit, prepares reports.
  • Use interdisciplinary approaches to find solutions to problems in practice. Has sufficient information about managing monetary operations. Has the ability to make estimations by using mathematics and statistics techniques. Has the knowledge to prepare operating budgets.
  • Collect information about other functions of the company, as sales, production, management departments. Also has the fundamental knowledge to evaluate the situation of a country's economic developments.
  • Inform individuals and corporations in their field and offer solutions written or orally which are backed by quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Use Accounting and Financial Management tools which are essential for their field.
  • Take the courses required to pass the Public Accountant and other profession exams. Learns the working methods and principles of Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants by working with them in the field. Collects information about the profession by doing internship in companies' accounting, finance, cost, financial reporting and audit departments.