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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Able to realize his/her Professional roles, competence and responsibilities in the framework of human rights and social justice.
  • Knowing and using the effect of social and cultural environment on human behavior in social work intervention.
  • Contributing the solution of social problems through scientific evidences and developing social policy.
  • Meeting the responsibility of knowledge production and manage a scientific research process.
  • Critically analyse knowledge and skills in his/her own field, able to make anaysis and syntesis.
  • Able to use, interprete and syntesis the knowledge gained from different disciplines, in order to deal with complex social problems
  • Able to determine his/her own self-developmental goals, choose and implement suitable strategies to his/her developmental goals, able to evaluate his/her achievement to these goals, monitor and maintain this approach through the life time.
  • Able to use a foreign language in "European Language Portfolio Global Scale", Level B1
  • Able to use information technologies in European Computer Driving Licence", Advanced Level.
  • Able to realize the planned change process including; make assessment for the psycho-social and economic needs and problems, intervene according to ethical norms, able to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention, able to report the process and the result of the intervention,; able to use social work theories, approaches and models through this process.
  • Able to be effective during the process of social planning according to the best interest of the client (individual, group, society) using the knowledge on social policy and social welfare services.
  • Able to implement independently the generalist social work knowledge and skills in different social work fields ( disability, poverty, elderly, child, youth, etc.).
  • Accept the positive value of diversity, able to make social work practice in various client groups based on the diversity and similarities.
  • Able to use effective communication skills and use communication instruments (i.e. media) with client system during social work practice.
  • Able to know the management process in human service organizations and able to implement modern management understanding.
  • Able to provide inter-disciplinary collaboration and work in a team; able to develop inter-agency relationship, collaboration and coordination and develop common services.
  • Able to plan, implement, terminate, evaluate and share the results of a Project for meeting a prescibed need or solve a problem in the field.