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Key Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively use the terminology in his/her fields
  • Effectively use the terminology of the field.
  • Behave according to basic professional legislation related the field.
  • Use information and communication technology, express professional knowledge through written and verbal/non-verbal communication.
  • Behave according to social, scientific, cultural and professional ethics values.
  • Behave according to quality management and processes and participate in these processes.
  • Apply their theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Carry out techniques according to developing technology and use new tools and devices.
  • Develop themselves personally and professionally updating knowledge, skills and competencies of the field with lifelong learning awareness.
  • Use basic level knowledge and skills related the field, interpret and evaluate the data, identify potential problems and solve them.
  • Work with other health diciplines
  • Evaluate The patient / injured and ability to identify the problem
  • Know all the materials and equipment in the ambulance and make proper use and care
  • Take the necessary measures for the safety of vehicles and driving and to apply in the case location,
  • Protect health and apply the security measure