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Key Learning Outcomes

  • To accumulate knowledge on the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. To provide original contributions to the literature.
  • To gain in-depth research ability.
  • To achieve specifying, defining, formulating and solving skills for engineering problems and to gain ability to choose and apply appropriate analysis and modeling methods for these purposes.
  • To gain advanced system analysis and design abilities.
  • To apply theoretical knowledge to hardware and software based studies.
  • To participate in interdisciplinary studies and to add value to joint projects.
  • To gain ability to work together and individually.
  • To carry out financial analysis and to apply engineering economics.
  • To achieve skills on writing academic papers and making presentations. To use a foreign language effectively in professional life.
  • To become aware of importance of lifelong learning, to be able to gather information, to follow advances in science and technology and to gain ability to renew oneself.
  • To achieve professional and ethical responsibility.