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Profile of the Programme

The program consists of courses and activities in order to provide the needs of healthcare industry and academia for qualified scientists and R&D managers in the core areas of biomedical engineering and their applications.
To obtain in-depth knowledge in a specialized field biyomedikalmühendislig have knowledge of literature.
To gain ability to form problem definition, research, modeling and analysis in the field of specialization.
To gain the ability to analyze the results of the research and to draw the results and present them in writing.
To gain ability to use engineering knowledge effectively in the field of life sciences.
To be able to do team work in interdisciplinary studies.
To be able to present the results of the research in written and oral form on a foreign language that is widely used.
Lifelong learning, ability to access new information, gain the ability to turn into new areas.
Vocational ethical responsibility to gain consciousness.