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Profile of the Programme

Considering the rapid development in science and technology, countries have to equip their industry with new technologies and manage to fulfill the human resources eligible for these technologies. It seems that it is inevitable to produce the new mechanical and electro-mechanical designs and products which can be worked both with traditional and new energy resources and they will increase the human conformance, and will feature the brain power in front rather than his muscle power.

Master of Science program with or without thesis in Mechanical Engineering Department aims to provide to the engineering candidates necessary theoretical information, research and development facilities for design and production by using basic and advanced technologies to be an expert in the subjects of Materials and Production, Solid & Fluid Mechanics, Heating systems, Dynamic Systems & Control as main goals.

Master of Science program in Mechanical Engineering is welcome to the engineers who keep a diploma in the fields of Mechanical, Industrial, Aerospace and Aeronautics, Civil, Material & Metallurgy, Production and Mechatronics Engineering.