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Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Master's degree program consists of at least ten courses, seminar course and a term project study, which is not less than 30 credits in total, and at least 90 ECTS. It is necessary that student has completed at least 10 courses with not less than 90 ECTS credits and has completed term project with not less than 20 ECTS credits and it is necessary to take at least C or more of the courses taken.
The semester project is approved by the recommendation of the Academic Committee and the decision of the Graduate School Administrative Board. Present to the advisor at the end of the term. Students who have successfully completed the semester project will have completed the master's program without thesis.
After all relevant documents and information have been received by the Institute, the file of the student is examined by the Institute's Board of Directors. The graduation of the student who fulfills all the conditions for graduation is decided. Decision to graduate; Graduate students are given graduate diplomas. The name and grade of the stem cell and regenerative medicine program in the department of the institute in which the student has followed the diploma is specified. The diplomas carry the signature of the director and the rector.