Language Courses

The Başkent University has been a leading higher education institution in the establishment of a special center for offering a variety of foreign language courses. The center is called “The Başkent University Center for Language Studies” (BÜDAM), which focuses on teaching a wide number of languages, including the old and the modern ones.
The BÜDAM, which continues to add new foreign languages to its program, has two main aims:

1. To focus on all the details of Turkish, to find new methods to teach it and to work hard to make it, besides its use as a literary language, a language of science and philosophy. Therefore, one major aim is to find, within the structure of the Turkish language, equivalents for scientific and philosophical terms and concepts.

2. To teach students one or more foreign languages other than English.

The courses in "Contemporary Turkish and Foreign Languages" have two standard levels which are "Basic" and "Intermediate". The students who complete a language course successfully are awarded a "Certificate". For each language group; there are vocational and advanced language courses, held by the BÜDAM.