Student Associations

It is a well-known fact that those who develop their cultural and social skills, who recognize themselves and are ready to take responsibility are also willing to improve themselves in their professional lives.
Cultural Services Management coordinates that students value their time, give them moments to relieve and entertain themselves and encourage them to found student societies to take part in social and cultural events. CSM also cooperates with other foundations and organizations so that societies may join in cultural and art meeting, tournaments and competitions which may be held domestically in our university or coordinately with other universities.
There are more than 80 social student societies which were found to work on professional issues in our university. Besides, Turkish Art and Folk Music Chorus, instrument, dance, folk dance events and drama courses are available in our CSM.

2016-2017 School Year Students Society List

Chorus And Courses
Turkish Art Music Society
Turkish Folk Music Society
Music (Baglama, Kemancha, Rhythm, Guitar, Violin)
Dance (Latin, Argentina Tango, Hip Hop)
Folk Dance

Social Aim Student Societies

1. Action and Entertainment Society
2. Kemalist Ideology Society
3. Başkent University Fenerbahçe Fans Society
4. Lions of Başkent Society
5. Black Eagles of Başkent Society
6. Sci-Fi, Fantasy and RPG Society
7. Bicycle Society
8. Contemporary Life Society
9. Dance Society
10. Sensitive Baskent Society
11. Literature Society
12. Elektronic Sports Society
13. Critical Thinking Society
14. No Handicap for the Handicapped Society
15. Philosophy and Social Sciences Society
16. Photography Society
17. Youth Change Society
18. Young Entrepreneurs Society
19. Young Leaders Society
20. Young Green Crescent Society
21. Travel Ssociety
22. Folk Dance Society
23. Animal Lovers Society
24. English Drama Society
25. Spanish language and Culture Society
26. Circassian Culture Society
27. Camping and Nature Sports Society
28. Self-Development Society
29. Humor Society
30. Model United Nations Society
31. Moto-Sports Society
32. Debate Society
33. Music Society
34. Archery Society
35. Marketing Society
36. Radio Society
37. Cinema Society
38. Social and Cultural Thinking Society
39. History Society
40. Theatre Society
41. Turkish Red Crescent Society

Professional Aim Societies

Faculty of Dentistry

1. Faculty of Dentistry Society

Faculty of Education

2. Computer and Education Technologies Society
3. Education of Early Childhood Society
4. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Society
5. Mathematics Society
6. Turkish Society

Faculty of Science and Art

7. American culture and Literature Society
8. Statistics and Computer Sciences Society
9. Psychology Department Students Society
10. Sociology Society

Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

11. Design and Architecture Society
12. Architecture Society

Faculty of Law

13. Law Society

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

14. Students of Economics Society
15. Management Society
16. Political Sciences and International Relations Society
17. Tourism Management Society
18. Students of Technology and Information Management

Faculty of Communication

19. Communication Society
20. Communication Design Society
21. Public Relations Society
22. Radio – Cinema – TV Society

Faculty of Engineering

23. Computer Society
24. Biomedical Engineering Society
25. Energy Society
26. electrical and electronic engineering Society
27. Mechatronics Society
28. Automotive Society
29. Robotic Society
30. Productivity Society

Faculty of Health Sciences

31. Nutrition and Dietetics
32. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
33. Nursery Society
34. Faculty of Health Sciences Society
35. health facilities Management Society
36. Social Services Society
37. Sport Sciences and Recreation Society
38. Sport Physiotherapist Society
39. Student of Audiology Society

Faculty of Business Sciences

40. Faculty of Business Sciences Society
41. Tourism Society

Medical Faculty

42. Scientific Researches Society
43. Biotechnology Society
44. Turkish MSIC

Kazan Academy

45. Kazan Academy Society