Sports and Leisure Facilities

Başkent University gives great importance to the organization of various student activities in order to enable the students to improve themselves socially, culturally, artistically and vocationally. The seminars, panels, symposia, congresses, workshops and conferences with the participation of national and international scholars and specialists open up new frontiers for the students.

The Sports Center, located on the campus, works in cooperation with national and international institutions to encourage our students to participate in the sports competitions and tournaments. Professional instructors at our sports center guide the students in activities and sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, aerobics-step, American football, martial arts, dancing, chess, billiards, capoeira, yoga and tennis. The Center is open on weekdays and at weekends. In addition to our sports center, there is a multipurpose pitch in which one can play basketball, volleyball and football, along with an aerobics center and a gym. Also, there are two running tracks of 4500 to 5000 m, an athletics track, one turf and one astroturf football field, an indoor tennis court and many sports facilities located at Kızılcahamam outside Ankara.

Spring Festivals

Spring festivals, traditionally held every year, liven up the campus life. Various cultural and social events such as competitions, art activities, student fairs, music and dance shows and concerts take place on the campus. Accordingly, the University student groups perform in different places. Thus, the students may have the chance to express themselves and develop a sense of solidarity and cooperation.

Başkent University Alumni Association (BASMED)

The BASMED is established to unite the alumni and employees of Başkent University under one roof. It aims to contribute to its members in their social, cultural, vocational and academic life, to furnish the communication and solidarity amongst the members and share the experience of the alumni. It functions as a platform where the Başkent alumni maintain effective communication with each other. The BASMED gives support to the students in their career paths, and they can make a good start in their business lives. They may participate in the drama, photography and dance courses organized for the alumni and take part in the Alumni Day activities, concerts and special events.

The Student Council

It is a unit accountable to the Office of the President. The Council specifies, meets and improves the students’ needs as regards education, health, sports and culture. The link between the University administration and the students is formed through the Council, and the students take part in the process accordingly. The president of the student council is invited to attend the University Senate and the University’s Administrative Board meetings in order to submit the suggestions and opinions of the student body. Başkent University believes that it is crucial for all the students to actively participate in the administration of the University. The purpose of the Başkent University Student Council is to form a dialogue between the students and the administration in order to provide for their cultural, educational, health and sports related needs.