Practical Information for Mobile Students

City Life

Ankara is a perfect student metropolis and offers more economical advantages than many other large cities. Our University is outside the capital but near to one of the best districts of Ankara, Çayyolu and our students have many socials opportunities. Başkent University provides the students with dormitory facilities. There is also a regular transportation service to various university units in the city center and to the Bağlıca Campus.

Visa Requirements

Before travelling to Turkey, exchange students must apply to the Turkish consulate in their own countries for visa. It is advisable to make the application, at the latest, 2 months ahead of the start of the semester.

The Documents required for visa application:
• A Passport (valid minimum for a year)
• Visa Application Form to be filled up, obtainable from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate
• A photograph in the passport format
• A student certificate obtained from the home university
• A letter of acceptance from Baskent University
• Nonrefundable visa application fee

Residence Permit

The maximum visa period of residence in Turkey is 3 months. For residence longer than 3 months, a residence permit is required. Within a month at the latest, following their entry into Turkey, all the foreign students must apply for their residence permits to the Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management. As indicated in their visa, the students are required to obtain their residence permits valid for their period of study at Baskent University, and they must always have the permit with themselves. The documents required for the residence permit; the student ID certificate, 5 photographs, a valid student visa, a photocopy of the passport, official letters from home university and host university, health insurance policy, proof of stay, and the receipt for the residence permit fee. The forms necessary for application can be obtained from the web page of Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management. and


Ankara’s climate is warm and dry in summer and cold and snowy in winter. July and August have the highest temperatures. The average temperature is 30 °C in summer. In winter, January and February are the coldest months, and the average winter temperature is minus 6°C.


The currency of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish Lira.
It’s possible to check current rate on Central Bank’s web site:

Access to Başkent University From the Airport

There is a shuttle bus service, operated by the Havas Company, between Esenboga Airport and Ankara city centre. Within 25 minutes after the landing, a shuttle bus leaves the airport for the city centre, and the fee is approximately 10 TL. At night, from midnight to 06:00 hours, shuttle bus tickets are 25% higher.
Those passengers who wish to continue to ASTI (Ankara Intercity Coach Terminal) must not get off at the Kızılay city-centre. They must stay in the shuttle bus. From the airport to the terminal, it takes about an hour.

Shuttle Bus Stops (Belko Air Shuttle): • Kızılay (City Center) • ASTI (Ankara Intercity Coach Terminal)

For more details about the airport shuttle services, visit

After arrival at the ASTI Terminal, one can easily reach the bus stops for the Baskent University bus services. The bus stops are as follows: M.Fevzi Cakmak Street, Baskent University Hospital, Anit Park, the National Library, and the Eskisehir Road.

During the weekdays and at the weekend, the University offers bus services for the city centre and also for various parts of Ankara.


The campus, located 20 km west of the city center, on the main highway to Eskişehir.
Transportation services are given in every hour starting from 07:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and until 01:00 a.m. on the weekends, between the city and the campus.

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National Holidays



Feast of Ramadan

Varies each year according to the lunar calendar

Feast of Sacrifice

Varies each year according to the lunar calendar

The New Year’s Day

1 January

The National Sovereignty and  Children’s Day

23 April

International Worker’s Day

1 May

Ataturk Remembrance, Youth and Sports Day

19 May

The Victory Day

30 August

The Republic Day

29 October

Some Approximate Prices on a Euro Basis

A loaf of bread

1 TL

0.30 Euro cents

A cup of coffee at an ordinary cafe

6 to 8 TL

1.62 to 3 Euros

Fresh water (1 litre) at a shop

1 to 2 TL

0.30 Euro cents to 1 Euro

50 cl beer at a pub

12 TL

3.25 Euros

A hamburger

12 TL

3.25 Euros

A soft drink at a shop

4 TL

2 Euros

Sugar (1 kg)

5 TL

1.5 Euros

Chicken (1 kg)

12 to 18 TL

3.25 to 5 Euros

Eggs (A dozen)

12 to 15 TL

3.25 to 4 Euros

Beef (1 kg)

40 to 60 TL

11 to 16 Euros

Vegetable oil (1 kg)

8 TL

3 Euros

Coke (1 litre)

2 TL

0.55 Euro cents

Milk (1 litre)

3 to 4 TL

1 to 2 Euros

Coffee (100 gram)

15 to 20 TL

4 to 5.50 Euros

Petrol (1 litre)

5.20 TL

1.50 Euros

A cinema ticket for students

10 to 12 TL

2.70 to 3.25 Euros

A bus/metro ticket for students

2.50 TL

0.67 Euro cents

A theatre ticket for students

6 TL

1.62 Euro